Private White Beach and Swimming Pool

Within the serene environment of Palau Royal Resort gives various facilities designed to meet customer satisfaction. Facilities will help you referesh, relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul

The powderey white sand private beach and huge free form swimming pool is Palau Royal Resort’s jewel & pride. Aside from this we have many other facilities within our premises to make your stay here at Palau Royal Resort a truly memorable one.

A girl sunbathing on a private beach at Palau Royal Resort

Private Beach

Palau Royal Resort has a simple man-made white sand beach lined with palm trees perfect to enjoy the sun's kisses the island way.

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A girl on a lounger near the outdoor pool at Palau Royal Resort

Swimming Pool

Aside from our private white sand beach, the swimming pool is also available for you to splash in and cool down under the heat of the sun while viewing the peaceful garden, the rock islands, and the vast beauty of the ocean.

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A family playing tennis on a court at Palau Royal Resort

Tennis Court

Tennis court is free of use by the in-house guests and Royal Advantage Club members only. Tennis rackets and tennis balls are available for rent. For more information or reservations, you may call us at +80 488-2000 or send us an e-mail at

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A kid playing ground golf on the greenery at Palau Royal Resort

Ground Golf

Have fun playing on the greenery with friends or family. Putter golf equipment are available for rent for in-house guests or Royal Advantage Club Members only. For more information or reservations, call the Recreation Department or Front Office at +680 488-2000.

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Treadmills in a fitness center at Palau Royal Resort

Fitness Gym

Want to stay healthy even when you're away from your usual routine back in your place? A mini-fitness gym is what we can offer for you with an excellent range of basic fitness machines and equipment suitable for your needs. If the strain of laying by the pool gets too much for you, why not try to get those muscles working for a change of pace?

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A girl having scrub in Mandara Spa at Palau Royal Resort

Mandara Spa

Mandara Spa is a luxury spa with branches throughout the Pacific and all over the world. Situated in Palau's stunningly beautiful environment, it's no exaggeration to call this healing space an oasis.

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Billiard and table tennis area at Palau Royal Resort

Recreation Room

If Casual sports might be a game for you and for your friends/family, then our recreation room is a perfect spot for you and your folks to unwind. We have two billiard tables and pool tools, and a table tennis which are open and free for all staying guests and Royal Advantage Club Members only.

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Interior of kids playing room at  Palau Royal Resort

Kids Room

Having a hard time to look for an entertainment for your kids during your trip? Our Kids' playroom is open for your toddler's enjoyment without worrying about any other activity to entertain them. The use of this acteivity room is free of charge for all staying guests and Royal Advantage Club Members only.

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Interior of the Gift Shop at Palau Royal Resort

Gift Shop

Looking for any kind of authentic souvenirs made in Palau? Check out our Gift Shop for any souvenir items you might be looking for. Palau Royal Resort signature items are also available for purchase here.

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